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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalednesday, July 29th., and before this month slips away, inviting us to fixate on the month of August, thought I should just jot down a few comments and commentary. When the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke of the fears some had, that if healthcare reform bills aren't finished before the August recess, that the political will to pass reform might well be lost. She said "I'm not afraid of August - it's a month". The month of hot and heavy medical reform debate, will be continued way into September.

The passing of Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite. And still we remember.

The so-called racial profiling case involving the apprehension and treatment accorded Harvard's Prof. Henry Louis Gates, when he was spotted and reported to 911, "breaking in" to his own house. Maybe this situation was not what it was claimed to be and perhaps the promised cold beer in the White House with the chief executive, will mend some bruised egos.

My favorite line from the Oval office; President Barack Obama speculating on what might happen if he tried to break into the White House, while commenting on his friend, the Harvard Professor's arrest, he retorted, "Here, I'd get shot".

The month produced just the 18th perfect game in MLB history. It was Mark Bueurle who threw it for the Chicago White Sox. As he put it, "Crazy stuff can happen".

The war in Afghanistan became more bloody and costly.

Lance Armstrong was third in this year's Tour de France, returning from a four year retirement. Next year he will likely win, again.

Men went into space, again, and returned safely from the orbiting space lab.

Now 16 states have a double-digit unemployment rate, the highest number since 1983. Michigan's rate is the highest, standing now at 15 per cent, which is fully double what it was before the recession came upon us.

New Jersey made news without the input of the Mafia; five rabbis, three mayors, and 36 others, thus far, were busted in a gargantuan FBI sting operation.

And speaking of conspiracy nuts (we weren't, but it is timely), they are still amongst us proclaiming that the president can't be the president because he wasn't born in the United States. A slight problem with that fantasy, he was!

Governor Palin of Alaska has left the mansion; no longer that state's chief executive. She may or may not be finished as a political force, but "Palanism" lives on. Will that be a problem for the Republican Party seeking to move beyond its conservative base? You bet it will.

Lots more, soon.

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