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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalow it is all signed, sealed and delivered; the Minnesota court ruled for the Democrat candidate, and the party gained the vital 60th Senate seat. The level at which they can shut off an opposition filibuster. Lest we forget how close the senatorial race was, by a margin of 312 votes of the nearly two and a half million cast, the former comic Al Franken became United States senator Al Franken. His arrival on the Hill might not be as transformative as the numbers suggest. Take a look at the 60. There are two Democrats - Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Robert Byrd of West Virginia who have of late been too ill to vote. Kennedy fighting brain cancer, and Byrd aged 90.

The White House is pushing hard for Congress to enact healthcare reform, the centerpiece of his domestic program and he wants it by the end of July. The current session on the Hill breaks for recess in August. But congratulations to Senator Al Franken whose victory will add a counter-balance to the 16 centrist Democrats who, as Edward Luce of the Financial Times put it, "form the center of gravity on Capitol Hill". Luce adds, "The key to Mr. Obama's success might lie in his relationship with Max Baucus, the centrist Democratic chairman of the Senate finance committee, which will have great sway over the package". Makes sense as the White House has taken great pains to woo the Montana senator.

What do you think we should or will do in the near future about financing health care reform? Will this nation make the hard choices required if we are to reform health care in the next decade, or possibly will we watch as costs continue to soar and millions more people lose their health insurance. Individuals and families will face ever rising premiums and greater cost-sharing. When we hear talk of new taxes it promotes criticism and doubt that the nation can afford to reform the healthcare system, particularly during a deep recession. I still support the President with his approach. In a few words, when speaking at a town-hall meeting in Virginia, President Obama said, "the costs of inaction, of not doing anything, are even greater".

Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalateline Mexico City, the New York Times headlined a story "In Mexican Vote, Nostalgia for Corruption of the Past". The PRI party swept the midterm elections. The PRI, or Institutional Revolutionary Party, governed Mexico with corruption and patronage for over 70 years. It was voted out in the year 2000. The results were a blow to President Philipe Calderon whose National Action Partyor PAN, failed to hold on to its traditional strongholds. Calderon is personally popular, but his economic policies are not. The global economic crisis has really impacted on Mexico. It would be a little premature to interpret the mid-term election as a major shift in power. The victory for the PRI in the lower house might foretell the future in three years, when next they vote for a president, but it could be completely off, as it was six years ago.

Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalhis might well be the week when General Motors, the struggling automaker, emerges from bankruptcy. With the support of a federal judge, a new version of the former automotive giant, with fewer brands, dealerships and debts ,will attempt to return to profitability. There is no guarantee that their cost-cutting and re-organization will guarantee the corporation's survival and success. The downsizing directed by the Obama administration will help deliver more car for the buck. One change that must come if the company is going to be competitive, there must be a quickening of response to consumer demand. GM has a reputation for being the last of the American big-three and their overseas competitors, to adapt to change.

Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalt appears that President Obama, when visiting the Kremlin, did not manage to see Prime Minister Putin's soul when gazing into his eyes. I feel that the Obama "charisma," failed to overly impress the former KGB chief and former President. President Medvedev, Putin's successor, is still something of a comparative unknown quantity.

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