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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalardly anyone turned out to vote in the California election last Tuesday. It must have been election-fatigue, or perhaps a reflection of the disgust that so many in the Golden State harbor for our elected representatives and our film-star-celebrity governor. This state, the vanguard of popular culture, has always captured the world's attention. Now, part of the fault lies with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came to power by popular disgust with our dysfunctional government. I know of none who would claim that the Governor has fulfilled his mandate for reform.

We have direct democracy in this state and as voters we have fallen short of our responsibilities. We voted only to ban pay raises for lawmakers. That may make some feel good about their choices, but lest we be unaware, California's dream has turned into a nightmare and one day, soon, we must awaken to the fact that we are living way beyond our means.

Can you believe this; the Republicans, through their National Committee, just a couple of days ago backed away from a resolution that would officially call the Democrats...ready for this.."The Democrat Socialist Party". Instead they voted to condemn Democrats for what it called a "march toward socialism". Dear gentlefolk of the right, calling colleagues of the majority party names does nothing more than to appear trite and overly partisan and would prove simply politically embarrassing.

Their claim is that the Democrats have a clear and obvious purpose in proposing, passing and implementing socialist programs through federal legislation.

And then there's the man who has emerged from the bunker beneath the White House to respond to our president, in his capacity as former Vice President; Dick Cheney. A week ago the former Veep said the he preferred Rush Limbaugh's brand of conservatism to the former Sec.of State, General Colin Powell. In a response Mr.Powell said that "the Republican Party was in deep trouble" and needed to find a way back to the middle of the political spectrum and away from polarizing leaders like Mr.Limbaugh and Ms Palin.

One thing I will say is that President Obama has modified or reversed an exceptional number of policies set during the 8 years of the Bush presidency. They leave very little doubt that the White House is now run by members of a different party with a different political outlook.

President Barak Obama has so much to contemplate and one wonders how long it will take for his hair to turn grey. Iran, Cuba, nuclear arsenals, global warming, Afghanistan, health care, taxes, the treatment of terrorism prisoners and suspects, stem cell research, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, abortion, global warming, the economy, 'flu, crime, the economy - the list could be nearly endless. W. had one answer to the pressure, he took leave from the White House and chopped up some logs on his ranch and never was able to say with authority and accuracy, "Mission accomplished".

There was good news too. A man named J. Ronald Terwilliger made a 100 million dollar donation to the Habitat for Humanity. The Atlanta developer said that his work had allowed him a look at the struggle of poor people to find decent housing. His gift will help to build poor people 60,000 homes.  In his public comment Mr. Terwilliger said "People need a decent, safe, clean residence where they can get a good night's sleep and families can be together." If they have that as an anchor, they have a way to send their kids off to school regularly and a better chance those children will be healthy.Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radio Mr. T., thank you.

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