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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalo I detect just the hint of gray in the otherwise dark hair on the head of the chief executive? 50 days ago, when his administration began, it was not visible. Is President Obama taking on too much of an agenda?obama Perhaps it is because of the need and urgency of the current economic situation and the enormity of the problems impacting this country that he has been involved with this tornado of activity. He has high approval ratings, and possibly the president sees what inevitably is a limited window of opportunity to enact his agenda.

Friday March 13th; this week alone President Obama has given us the $787 economic stimulus bills, summits on fiscal responsibility and healthcare, several executive orders undoing Bush-era policies. He focused attention on embryonic stem cell research, education and earmarks. He just signed a $410 billion omnibus spending bill remaining from the past administration. It contained something approaching 8000 congressional pet projects and he announced new rules to cover such earmarks.

William Galston, a former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton, writing in the New Republic, put it this way, "It is time for President Obama to focus his considerable leadership and communication skills on the financial crisis - to speak candidly with the people about the magnitude of the problem, to embrace a solution commensurate with the problem, and to do whatever it takes to persuade Congress and the people to accept it).

Barak Obama has famously said that "we cannot successfully address any of our problems without addressing them all." His remark was part of his statement describing the intertwined nature of the economic crisis - the connections among the credit crunch, the decline in jobs and the housing crisis.

To the rabble rousing loudmouths on various talkradio networks across the country, filled with bombast, who decry his every action, and who are convinced that the administration is determined to get them off the airwaves, don't flatter yourselves. You don't matter in the scheme of things.

More, soon.

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